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Monitoring progress towards TMDL targets via watershed restoration is a vital accounting step for future conservation and adaptive regulation. To support tracking of restoration projects, the author developed a Microsoft Access/Esri ArcMap…

The purpose of this study is to provide chemical, physical, and microbiological water quality baseline data for the lower Van Duzen River Basin mandated by California Regional Water Quality Control Board. Water quality data were collected from…
Contains habitat descriptions including bank stability, aquatic life, sediment sources, and riffle depths.
Inventory of adult spring run steelhead from the South Fork to Bridgeville, and to Burr Creek on the South Fork.
Survey of the Van Duzen River. Includes number of fish, and temperatures.
Report of 2003 lower Van Duzen River fish passage culvert experiment. Records of the Van Duzen River / Eel River Standing Sites Survey (8/2004).
Summary of a snorkel survey of the Van Duzen River from Baker Creek to Big Hole. Details lack of adult summer steelhead found on the survey.
Contains survey results of Cooper Mill Creek. It contains stream conditions, section survey, and fish observations.
Stream survey of Cummings Creek including information on barriers, enhancement sites, stream characteristics, and other recommendations.
Contains information regarding Yager Creek containing drainage description, physical profile, spawning conditions, and habitat suitability.
Survey of the Van Duzen River. Includes number of fish, and temperatures. Also, purpose of survey was to note potential barriers.
Yager Creek information with drainage description, stream conditions, logging, recommendations, and summary.
Stream survey of Kuntz Canyon to Hettenshaw Valley (Eel River System) by Hethery & Medel, CDFG, including the extent of observation, general description, fishes present and success, other invertebrates, fishing intensity, and sketch maps.
Includes a survey of Cummings Creek including a physical profile, and fisheries information.
Document regarding the work by a variety of agencies to develop a conservation strategy for the Van Duzen River.
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