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Contains survey results of Cooper Mill Creek. It contains stream conditions, section survey, and fish observations.
Stream survey of Cummings Creek including information on barriers, enhancement sites, stream characteristics, and other recommendations.
Contains information regarding Yager Creek containing drainage description, physical profile, spawning conditions, and habitat suitability.
Survey of the Van Duzen River. Includes number of fish, and temperatures. Also, purpose of survey was to note potential barriers.
Survey results of a 1977 survey of the East Branch of the South Fork of the Eel River. Includes data of barriers, winter condition, pollution, fishing intensity,and other descriptors of the watershed.
Survey results of a 1934 survey of the East Branch of the South Fork of the Eel River. Includes additional notes regarding the general observations of the survey crew.
Stream survey of Salmon Creek. Reports number, and stream mile of areas surveyed.
Yager Creek information with drainage description, stream conditions, logging, recommendations, and summary.
Stream survey of Kuntz Canyon to Hettenshaw Valley (Eel River System) by Hethery & Medel, CDFG, including the extent of observation, general description, fishes present and success, other invertebrates, fishing intensity, and sketch maps.
Includes a snorkel survey with results of summer steelhead numbers in the Middle Fork of the Eel River.
Includes a survey of Cummings Creek including a physical profile, and fisheries information.
Document regarding the work by a variety of agencies to develop a conservation strategy for the Van Duzen River.
Paper regarding the development of watershed groups. Considers landowners, landowner assistance groups, and restoration practitioners.
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