Historical Conditions


Historical Conditions

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 The Effects of Historic Land-Use Activities on the Streams and Aquatic Resources of the North Fork of the Eel River. Six Rivers National Forest. 24p.
The impact of historic land-use activites on the streams and aquatic resources in the Eel River watershed.

Environmental History and Cultural Ecology of the North Fork of  the Eel River Basin, California, Six Rivers National Forest, Eureka California. 109p.
Environmental history overview containing the history of fire, survey of vegetation types, terrestrial fauna, and the effect of historical land use.

The Ranching Period in the North Fork of the Eel River Basin: 1865-1905. 60p.
Paper covers the ranching period in the North Fork of the Eel River Basin. Presented to the society for California Archaelology.

Settlement and Conflict: The Refuge Period and Historic Settlement in the North Fork Eel River Basin: 1854-1864. Six Rivers National Forest.  35p.
Contains information regarding the refuge period and the historic settlement in the North Fork Eel River Basin.

Territorial and Social Relationships of the Inland Southern Athabascans: Some New Perspectives.
Paper with information regarding social and political organization, villages and communities, marriage and community relationships, and lingustic relationships.
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